Emmaus Dwellings

Intentional Community Living  

LCM offers intentional communal living opportunities for students while they are attending Minot State University. In partnership with First Lutheran Church, we offer furnished living spaces in either the Emmaus House or the Emmaus Apartment.


Emmaus House & Apartment

The House has rooms available for four people and the apartment, rooms for two. The purpose of living in the Emmaus Dwellings is to learn how to live in authentic community with others, from sharing chores, to playing games and watching TV together, to monthly gatherings, to hosting LCM events to practice hospitality. While living in intentional community is not always easy, this is a safe opportunity to give it a try! If you are interested in living in the Emmaus Dwellings, check out our Covenant for Community Living to see if it’s a good fit for you. If it is, then fill out the Emmaus Dwelling Application and email it to Deacon Anna. There are school year and summer leases available. If you have questions about the Dwellings, feel free to be in touch with Deacon Anna!