Hi, I'm Deacon Anna and I'm here for you! Want to visit sometime? My office is a totally confidential, safe space to come and talk or just hang out. I've got tea, water, coffee, and a nice comfy couch. Virtual meetings and phone calls are great ways for us to connect, too.

Feel free to send me an email or text to set up an appointment.

Get ahold of me at:


or (701) 690-4034

Student Leadership, 2020-2021


Peer Leader

Elizabeth Nolan

Major: History 

Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, spending time with friends

Email: elizabeth.nolan@minotstateu.edu


Peer Leader

Trent Hunskor

Major: Music Education

Hobbies: Netflix, hanging with friends and family, listening to music, and just trying new things!

Email: trent.hunskor@minotstateu.edu


Practicing Discipleship Intern

Ashton Cassim

Major: History

Hobbies: Dancing, playing the cello, and working out

Email: ashton.cassim@minotstateu.edu


MSU Food Pantry Intern

Paige Dolan

Major: Physical Education

Hobbies: Singing and learning how to juggle

Email: paige.dolan@minotstateu.edu

Meet up at an event

Worship: LCM meets weekly for worship on Mondays at 7pm. Due to COVID19 we are currently meeting virtually. Want to check us out? Message Deacon Anna or an LCM Peer Leader and they'll give you the link.  Our time is shaped by fellowship, scripture, prayer, communion, music, and discussions. All are welcome! Always!

Tuesday Soup - To GO!: Enjoy free lunch every Tuesday from 11am - 1pm. Come to the lower level concessions stand in the MSU Dome. Soups, crackers, and desserts are the menu.  There is no agenda or strings attached, just good food! Gluten free and vegetarian options typically available. See you there! This is our COVID version of our regular Tuesday Soup offering on campus.

Other: In normal, non-COVID years, we have events happening each week. This year, keep an eye on our social media pages.

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Drop a prayer request

Something on your mind? Not sure where to go with it? Or perhaps you're already praying hard about it and would like someone to pray with you?


Send me a prayer request! 

As always, I will keep it confidential unless you tell me otherwise. 

Deacon Anna Dykeman - lcm@minotstateu.edu

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