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At Lucky Core Industries Limited our HSE&S Policy makes us responsible for:

  • Protecting the Health betzone sports bettingand Safety of employees, contractors, customers and neighbours.
  • Maintaining the security of people and assets.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Will work in close cooperation with customers, suppliers and distributors to;
    • Comply with all relevant laws and regulatory requirements.
    • Ensure that all activities are conducted in a manner consistent with Lucky Core Industries Limited Health, Safety, Environment and Security Standards and Guidelines.
    • Ensure that business activities are conducted to prevent betzone reviewharm to customers, employees, contractors and public, other stakeholders and the environment.
    • Develop, manufacture and market products with full regards of HSE&S aspects, ensure compliance with the Lucky Core Industries Limited Product Stewardship Management System and sell only those products that can be transported, stored, used disposed off safely.
    • Protect people, assets, intellectual property and critical information from accidental or deliberate harm, damage or loss.
    • Openly communicate Betzone Casinoon the nature of activities, encourage dialogue and report progress on health, safety and environmental performance.
    • Regularly monitor the application of this Policy.