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Jehangir A. Monnoo

In today’s fast-moving and competitive business betzone casino reviewenvironment, innovation is the key to the survival and prosperity of any business. The Monnoo Group takes great pride in being at the forefront of continuous improvement and innovation. Our long-standing partnership with Lucky Core Industries Limited has greatly aided us in this quest for improving our products and services.

Jehangir A. Monnoo, Chairman, Monnoo Group.

Mian Muhammad Nasir

We are proud to be associated with Lucky Core Industries Limited – our supplier of choice. Together we will strive towards continuous improvement through innovation and sustainable competitive advantage, leading to a mutually beneficial relationship.

Mian Muhammad Nasir, Chief Executive, Ayesha Group

Betzone CasinoI have been a member of Lucky Core Industries Limited’s Polyester Business family for over thirty years. It is a company where customer centricity is at the heart of its business operations. I am honoured to be associated with Lucky Core Industries Limited for over 3 decades, which in itself, is a testament to the level of care I received, especially when the times were tough.

One example of its customer centricity is the flagship event, ‘the International Customer Conference’ that the company organises once every two years for its key customers. The conference provides a valuable platform for the textile industry leaders betzone reviewto interact in an informal setting – an optimal fusion of work and fun. The last customer conference, ‘The Russian Escape’, was held in Moscow and St. Petersburgh and provided me with a lot of new information about the changing dynamics of the textile industry and also some fond memories of the fun we had.

Tariq Saud,Director, Anwar Textile Mills Ltd, United Sugar Mills Ltd and United Paints (Pvt) Ltd.

Tariq Saud